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The deposit of your publications and scientific work in HAL enables the increase of their visibility and provides a legal and technical protection. The metadata can be reuse to simplify certain tasks such as displaying lists of publications on a web page, a website, an document, etc.

Here are some tips for using the platform.

Input form

  • If your publication has an identifier (eg a DOI), simply enter this identifier in the box on the right of the simplified form so that they are automatically pre-filled. Then you only have to check and complete the metadata.
  • If your publication does not have an identifier: drag and drop the file: some metadata will be retrieved from the file.
  • Check the affiliations of your co-authors recognized by HAL. When in doubt, share ownership of the document with your co-authors: they will enter this information themselves.

Tips for depositing the full text

  • Practical info: Drop the file from the start using the embargo function: then input process will be faster thanks to the automatic recognition of metadata, and the availability of the file will be managed by the platform. The bibliographic reference will be visible while the file will be visible only after the expiry of the fixed deadline.
  • Your rights: If your scientific work was published in a periodical and comes from a research funded at least by half of public funds, you can deposit on HAL the final version of the accepted manuscript for publication, even after granting exclusive rights to a publisher. Of course this is subject to the agreement of the co-authors and at the end of a period of 12 months (in SHS).

Setting up your account

  • Choose the simplified form
  • Create an idHAL (permanent numeric code assigned to you) and associate it with all the forms of your author name that can be found in the metadata of your publications (eg Anne Durand, Anne Dupond-Durand, A. Dupond, etc.).