D. Hervé, Responsable d'opération Eveha, UMR 5138 -ArAr -Université Lyon 2 -Chercheur associé, F -63270 Vic-le-Comte

B. Estelle and A. Eveha,

, Champ-Roche" is situated 6 km away from the historical center of Clermont-Ferrand (63) and extends on 4.5 hectares. The dig unearthed some finds linked with a small gallo-roman rural sanctuary located along a road. A Gallic bust was found on the north end of the excavation site in a vast protohistoric residential area, pp.301-376, 2014.

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, Vue générale du bâtiment 1.05 antérieur au temple gallo-romain (cl. H. Delhoofs © Eveha, 2015.