. Amphora, Rim and most part of handles missing. Pear-shaped body with rounded bottom. Small part of high handles attached on the shoulder, height: 0.48 m. Max. diameter of belly: 0.28 m

, Konsta plot), trench II, pit 1 (findgroup 11: mixed, 13th-16th century), vol.38

, Konsta plot), trench V (find-group 61: 13th-14th century), vol.38

, Konsta plot), trench I, pit 2 (findgroup 50: 12th-13th century), vol.38

, Konsta plot), balk 2/near wall 2 (findgroup: 32: mixed, 12th -16th/17th century), vol.38

, Konsta plot), balk 2/near wall 2, (find-group: 32 mixed, 12th-16th/17th century)

, Diameter of rim: 0.115 m. Conical neck with folded rim. Part of strap handles starting from the middle of the neck and rising above rim. Fabric: yellowish red to reddish yellow (5YR 5/6 to 6/6), with some small-to-medium voids and white inclusions, Amphora, upper part. Preserved height: 0.16 m. Preserved width: 0.21 m

, Fabric color is described here according to the Munsell Soil Color Charts (1998 edition). medium voids and some medium-to-large white inclusions

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